Friday, May 18, 2012

The International Appraiser in the press – Germany, Costa Rica, Canada

In the March 2012 issue of Canadian Real Estate Magazine, reporter Sarah Megginson interviewed me for advice to Canadian investors about purchasing individual residences in the U.S. My comments were that the most satisfied Canadian buyers were the ones buying residences for their own use (typically winter vacation use) and to be careful to avoid “guaranteed rental income” scams for investment properties in poor or vacant neighborhoods of overbuilt cities in Nevada, Arizona and Florida.

German architectural magazine Detail published one of my many photos (see above) of the New South China Mall in Dongguan, China in their April 10th story, “Die 10 größten Shopping Center der Welt” (“The 10 largest shopping centers in the world”). My post on the New South China Mall continues to be my most read post. If you look to the right, there are thumbnails of my posts in rank order of weekly popularity, from top to bottom. Another popular post is "Costa Rican Teak Farms for Gringo Investors".

Tico Times, the English-speaking newspaper of Costa Rica, recently interviewed me for a story published today (May 18), entitled “Investors: Where’s Our Money?”, which discusses the litany of investor complaints against Tropical American Tree Farms, an American-owned company in Costa Rica that sold individual teak trees with “certificates of ownership” having no legal standing in Costa Rican courts, and because the company purports to sell “trees” rather than “investments”, it is not subject to securities regulators in Costa Rica or the U.S.
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