Friday, July 12, 2019

Tropical American Tree Farms Update, 2019: A Guest Post

Cear-cutting of part of the teak farm


Squatter home built from TATF timber

"She does not or did not, know the Brunners and cannot speculate if TATF was a fraud. The Brunners certainly did benefit from the money of the investors over the many years. But to her knowledge, the Brunners never received any money from the harvesting of the teak wood. 

The majority of the teak has been harvested- but not by the Brunners. 

The government of Costa Rica has turned a completely blind eye to the illegal invasión and stealing of this wood and land - bought and paid for by foreign investors dollars. Many of the locals, who worked and benefited for years from TATF money are the same ones now stealing the trees and the land. Please be assured that these are not needy people. Sadly the locals are also invading the primary forests and destroying land the Brunners had left in conservation.

This is in complete violation of environmental laws in Costa Rica."


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Unknown said...

I have powerful attorneys that could represent the investors who trusted the Brunner's. I can help restore order so that this ecological investment can be saved from illegal activity
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D Kempton said...

This breaks my heart, but may at least be a way to declare our investments in trees grown by TATF to be a total loss as of August 2021.
If anyone knows how to do this, please post.

Z Paiss said...

I was an investor with over 300 trees in my name. What can I do to get anything for them. Happy to take the trees.